Friday, October 09, 2009

A Quiet Restaurant with a Big Heart: Casa Pepe

One of my favorite nights out in Paris isn't actually very French at all. At number 5, rue Mouffetard (a great street for walking and exploring on the Left Bank), you will find a bit of Spain tucked into the Heart of Paris! The restaurant is named Casa Pepe and it is a quiet, unassuming storefront with a big heart.

The tables are generally fairly close together, but with the jovial attitude that permeates everything from the food to the ambiance, you somehow don't mind rubbing elbows with a total stranger! The food is traditional Spanish fare-- I highly recommend both their paellas and their tapas platters. The great addition, though, is the entertainment! For an extremely reasonable rate, you not only get a great, relaxing meal, but also dueling guitars, singing, and traditional Spanish dancing. The later in the evening it is, the more all-encompassing the entertainment, so if you're looking for a quieter night, stop by on the earlier side (they're open til 2am!).

My only complaint (and it truly is the only complaint-- I really love this spot!) is that the dueling guitars are from time-to-time just beside your ear and it can be a little overwhelming. They generally look for non-verbal cues, however, and move fairly quickly if you don't look like you're enjoying it.

Casa Pepe
5, rue Mouffetard
Pasris 75005
Metro:Cardinal Lemoine, Place Monge
Hours: Every day, lunch and dinner until 2am!

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PS- Image courtesy of La Casa Pepe.