Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Something Had to Give: Le Grand Colbert

The movie "Somethings Gotta Give" entered the American scene in 2003 as a fun romantic comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. What the title lacked in creativity, the film seemed to make up for in star power and character development. At one point in the film Diane Keaton goes to Paris for her birthday and has dinner at a great little restaurant, her "favorite" restaurant. Enter: stage left, Le Grand Colbert.

Although it listed as a historic monument (the building was constructed to be a townhouse in 1637), it only recently entered the tourist scene once word got out that this is the restaurant of "Something's Gotta Give" fame.

The exterior of the restaurant is like something... out of a movie. The neon sign at once seems to contrast with the grand, baroque-style windows and velvet drapes, yet it also makes it rather unique. Once inside, the ambiance takes over with waiters bustling about, the clattering of plates and silverware, and an exquisite mosaic floor. For me, however, that's where the movie magic ends.

The food was fine, but nothing more. I found the service to be rushed and uncommitted. In addition, it was so incredibly hot sitting next to the window due to the extremely large lights that I had to change tables (Note: If you do decide to go, do NOT sit next to the window!). All-in-all, I was unimpressed with the restaurant, apart from the decor and the location.

Perhaps the restaurant wasn't quite ready for an onslaught of tourists, perhaps they have been surviving on their reputation, or maybe they treat the regulars with a little more elegance. In the end, though, it seems that "something had to give."

Le Grand Colbert

2, rue Vivienne
Paris 75002
Metro: Palais Royale


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